3 Ways to Beat the Bloat: How to Avoid Bloating


Whether you feel overly full after a large meal or your clothing doesn’t fit as comfortably as it did earlier in the day, bloating can affect everyone from time to time. There are easy ways to avoid bloating, which is ideal considering most people aren’t even aware certain habits can make them prone to bloat.h

To avoiding bloating, be sure to:

  • Stay active – even light activity like walking can stimulate your digestive track and relieve gas.
  • Keep hydrated – good hydration reduces water retention and can flush out your system.
  • Increase your potassium intake – bananas, tomatoes, nuts, asparagus, spinach and cantaloupe are all excellent options.
  • Try peppermint tea – peppermint can help alleviate trapped gas in the digestive track.
  • Apply gentle pressure to your abdomen – light pressure can help release trapped gas.

Be sure to avoid the following in order to prevent bloating:

  • Tight-fitting clothing – these items are uncomfortable when a person is bloated and can add to an unpleasant feeling if worn.
  • Carbohydrates – starchy carbs such as pasta and bread are well-known sources of bloating. Think about the last time you indulged in a carb-heavy meal – how did you feel after? Chances are you were bloated for up to a couple of hours after the meal.
  • Cut out salt and refined sugars – both are known to contribute to gas, bloating and even diarrhea when consumed frequently.
  • Avoid bad habits like gum chewing and speaking while eating – both can cause people to swallow more air than they normally would, which can lead to bloating.
  • Don’t over-eat – learn to realize when you are full and no longer need to eat. If you are unsure, trying taking a 15-minute break from eating, and continue after the break if you are still hungry.

Since bloating is often relieved in a short period of time, many people are used to just dealing with it by waiting for it to go away – but this is unnecessary. Simple lifestyle changes such as the ones listed above are a great resource for avoiding bloating-related discomfort.

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