5 Reasons Why a Colonoscopy Should Top Your Resolution List


hAlong with testing out that new gym membership and cutting out sugar, New Year’s resolutions often reflect our best intentions for a future in which we finally put our health first. Whether this means re-vamping our diets, becoming more active, or simply just thinking through the choices we make for our bodies each day – a resolution holds the power to improve your quality of life, and in the case of a colonoscopy, even save it.

Colonoscopies may be among the top necessary medical procedures that are put off because patients are worried that the procedure will hurt, or at the very least, will be too awkward and uncomfortable to go through. These misconceptions are widespread, but they are simply false.

The modern colonoscopy, such as the procedure performed at the Center for Colonoscopy Excellence, is designed with your comfort in mind – preparation is easy, the procedure is pain-free and recovery is quick.

If you’ve been putting off a colonoscopy or if this is the year you turn 50, here are five reasons why a colonoscopy should top your resolution list:

It can save your life.

Colon cancer is a very preventable illness thanks to the colonoscopy. At age 50, both men and women are advised to get a colonoscopy in order to check for any abnormality or growth that may be pre-cancerous or cancerous. Early prevention is very possible with colon cancer, and if an abnormality is discovered during a screening, the physician can remove the growth or seek further testing.

It’s quick and painless.

The colonoscopy procedure itself is both quick and pain-free. Sedation is used during the procedure in order to ensure optimal patient comfort. You will not feel pain – in fact, you will not be awake at all until the procedure is complete.

Once it’s done, you’re set for about 8-10 years.

Colonoscopies are only needed once every 8-10 years, though if you are at an increased risk for colon cancer, you may need the procedure more often. It is up to your gastroenterologist to determine your individual need for a colonoscopy.

It’s not embarrassing or strange.

Here’s the thing: Everyone should undergo a colonoscopy once they reach 50. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, if you have a family history of colon or other cancers or not, if you are healthy or if you have some health concerns – everyone should have a colonoscopy after their fiftieth birthday.

Your insurance likely covers the procedure.

The Center for Colonoscopy Excellence works with most major insurance carriers. Should you not have health insurance, our fees are notably less than the average hospital cost for the procedure.

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