How Can I Prevent Hemorrhoids?


Snap 2014-08-12 at 16.14.43Hemorrhoids are a very common condition that roughly half of Americans will likely experience by the time they reach 50. Although there is proven, effective hemorrhoid treatment for those who are looking for quick, painless relief, many want to know how to prevent hemorrhoids in the first place.

Being proactive about your health is always a good idea, but for particularly uncomfortable conditions like hemorrhoids, taking control of certain lifestyle habits can really make a difference.To prevent hemorrhoids, patients should:


Hydration isn’t necessarily a cure-all for hemorrhoids, but it can definitely help prevent them from occurring. If you find that you have trouble drinking enough water during the day, make sure you’re making hydration both convenient and easy to remember. Have a refillable bottle with you around the clock (at home, at work, etc.), and set up breaks during the day that specifically include hydration. Please keep in mind that sweetened drinks such as soda and juice are not substitutes for water.

Include high fiber foods in your diet

Foods high in fiber can make a big difference in preventing hemorrhoids and in the overall health of a person’s digestive system, including healthy bowel movements. High fiber foods include raspberries, pears (skin on), apples (skin on), bananas, oranges, figs, raisins, barley, bran (flakes, muffins), oatmeal, cooked brown rice, rye bread, black/lima beans, lentils, almonds, pistachio nuts, broccoli (boiled), potato (skin on), raw carrots, turnip greens (boiled), green peas and more. You can talk to your Gastroenterologist about additional high fiber dietary options.

Keep active

So many of us spend a great deal of each day sitting down, whether we are at work or at home. Sitting for extended periods of time increases pressure on the veins found in a person’s anus. When these veins become inflamed, hemorrhoids are a result. In order to release this pressure and work to prevent hemorrhoids, it’s important to stay active as much as possible during the day. Include a walk in any breaks you may take during the work day, take the stairs when you can, go for a run after work, etc. You’ll be surprised how small changes in activity level can go a long way toward improving your health, including helping you to avoid hemorrhoids.

If you find that your hemorrhoids are frequent or that they are not adequately treated with at-home remedies, please contact the GI specialists at SF Gastroenterology today to discuss hemorrhoid treatment options.

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