What is Colonoscopy Prep & Why is it Required?


The “prep” prior to the screening colonoscopy is the least looked-forward to part of the process but it is necessary in order to ensure that the procedure goes as successful as possible. If your colon is not properly and fully emptied of its contents, there is a high possibility that colon polyps and lesions will be overlooked during the procedure. This is something both you and your physician will want to avoid.

Always make sure to follow your physician’s instructions for proper colonoscopy prep before the day arrives. There will be some diet and fluid restrictions in the days leading up to the procedure. For example, a common restriction your doctor may place upon you before the day of the actual procedure is that you may only drink clear liquids – you would be limited to water, apple juice, coffee without milk and clear sodas. You may also be asked to take laxatives, as well as enemas. ID-10040606

The enemas are needed to empty both the rectum and lower intestine so that the intestinal walls are visible through the colonoscope. For those taking medication for diabetes or other ailments, consult with your physician about making any changes to your regimen.

While this is the most uncomfortable part of getting a colonoscopy, you can rest assured that this will make the screening colonoscopy more smoothly.

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