Easy, Simple Remedies for an Upset Stomach


ID-10045434An upset stomach is one of the most common complaints patients have on a regular basis. The condition can be caused of a large number of factors – recent food consumption, stress and anxiety, a chronic condition, a stomach virus, or another underlying condition. For those who experience an upset stomach from time to time and it isn’t symptomatic of a chronic illness or a more serious condition, there are steps you can take to easily relieve your symptoms without having to run to the nearest pharmacy. If you find that you so have an upset stomach on occasion, it’s a good idea to stock up on these tips so they’ll be ready for use the moment you start to feel that “twinge”.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a go-to for women who are suffering from the nausea or “morning sickness” that can come in the first trimester of pregnancy because ginger aides in the digestion of food and helps move food through the digestive system smoothly. If you find that you are experiencing nausea or gas, try a cup of ginger tea. Ginger ale is another option that can help calm down an upset stomach.

Have a Snack, but Keep It Bland

Sometimes, the best thing to ease an upset stomach is a small snack consisting of a bland food. Unseasoned, lightly salted crackers are a great food to snack on; so is yogurt, toast, rice, or applesauce. As long as the thought of eating something doesn’t make matters worse, it’s a good idea to try and settle your stomach with something bland and avoid foods with strong flavors and scents.

Lay Down

An easy, straightforward solution is to lie down. Find a comfortable position that doesn’t exacerbate your stomach’s fragility and try to rest. An additional idea is to try to read or watch TV to take your mind off of your stomach symptoms – a simple shift in focus can do wonders for a basic ailment like an upset stomach.

Re-think you diet

Do you have certain foods that tend to trigger an upset stomach? If you’re not aware, it’s important to take note of what you consume before having stomach issues. Perhaps you tried something new or you’re simply having a bad reaction to a meal you have often, with both situations it’s important to note what could be the trigger for your stomach ailment, especially if they occur often. Also, consider increasing your daily intake of fiber. Fiber-rich foods can help your body’s digestion, which can help cut down on stomach aches – remember to ease into an increase in fiber though; too much too soon can cause gas.

Grab a Heating Pad

Heat and warmth have mainly healing properties including soothing stomach aches. The heat from the pad will help your body’s circulation and aide in digestion. Heat also helps with cramping and inflammation.


If you find that simple, at-home remedies and over-the-counter medicines such as antacids do not relieve your upset stomach and/or if you have stomach aches that can be characterized as “chronic”, please contact San Francisco Gastroenterology to discuss your symptoms.

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