Are Hemorrhoids Avoidable?


ID-10021640Hemorrhoids are common, unpleasant and yes, avoidable. No one wants to experience the discomfort that can come from having a hemorrhoid, especially if you have had one before. Hemorrhoids occur when veins in a person’s anorectal region become inflamed, which can cause pain, itching and general discomfort.

Fortunately, hemorrhoids are treatable. Patients who experience hemorrhoids without treatment success from home remedies can benefit from hemorrhoid banding, which is offered at San Francisco Gastroenterology.

For those who have not yet experienced a hemorrhoid, or for those who wish to avoid having another, there are steps you can take to prevent hemorrhoids.

  • Re-vamp your diet ASAP: If your diet is low in fiber or you are not properly hydrated, you are at risk for a hemorrhoid. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are all high in fiber, but fiber can also be found in food products containing bran – such as cereals, muffins and even certain cookies. We also advise that you maintain good hydration each day. A good way to measure how hydrated you are is to observe the color of your urine – if it is anything other than a light yellow or clear, you are not drinking enough water.
  • Consider a fiber supplement: Talk to your doctor about taking a fiber supplement. Fiber helps the body digest food, and when you’re lacking fiber in your digestive tract, you can experience constipation and hemorrhoids. A daily fiber supplement will aide in digestion, removing the risk of constipation and helping you avoid hemorrhoids. It’s important that you discuss fiber supplements with your doctor for advice on proper usage.
  • Kick-start your new year’s resolution to exercise more: Exercise, like fiber, helps the body to digest. Moderate exercise a couple of times a week can improve both your overall health and lower your risk of getting a hemorrhoid.
  • Improve bathroom time: You may not realize it, but your bathroom habits can put you at risk for hemorrhoids. If you find that you often strain during a bowel movement, ignore the urge to use the bathroom throughout the day, or spend time sitting on the toilet even after you’ve finished then you are increasing your chance of getting hemorrhoids. These bad habits can be avoided.

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