How to Avoid Bloating, Acid Reflux & More for the Holidays


ID-100211794As we near the end of October, we begin to enter the typical American holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving and all of the end of the year holidays are a time when people celebrate together, often with over-rich and indulgent foods.

We don’t advocate missing out – most indulgences are fine in moderation, along with regular exercise. However, these hyper-rich holiday foods often lead to unpleasant symptoms like bloating, acid reflux, an upset stomach and more. Feeling unwell during the holidays can be a real disappointment, so we’ve prepared a guide on how to plan for the holidays and avoid troublesome issues that could keep you stuck at home.

Find out how to avoid…

BloatingBloating is one of the most common digestive issues people experience over the holidays. Bloating is caused by a few different factors, but overeating, eating too quickly, and eating fatty foods can easily make a person bloat. Bloating is an uncomfortable experience, but it is actually pretty easy to avoid as long as you are conscious of three things: how much you eat, what you eat and how fast you consume your food. Bloating can also be avoided by skipping gum or hard candy, and can be eased by wearing loose-fitting clothing.

Acid refluxAcid reflux actually refers to a few different symptoms: heartburn, belching, nausea, bloating, constant hiccups and regurgitation. It’s definitely an unpleasant sensation, and many people tend to experience acid reflux during the holidays because of the types of foods and beverages typically offered in the months between October and January. Chocolate, soda, alcohol and fried foods are all contributors to acid reflux symptoms, especially when they make up a large portion of a meal. It’s perfectly okay to indulge, but we recommend maintaining moderation and eating smaller portions in order to stay healthy and happy.

Upset stomach – Trying out new foods can be a great experience, and so can sampling all of your favorite rich foods at a holiday party, but both can also potentially lead to a troubled stomach. Overeating and eating foods foreign to your diet are very basic answers to “Why is my stomach so upset right now?” No one wants to miss out, so it’s usually best to keep to smaller portions and mix lighter, healthy foods like vegetables in order to keep your digestive system calm and on track.

If you find that you feel bloated, have an upset stomach, or experience acid reflux frequently, we recommend that you contact the GI specialists at SFGI in order to discuss your symptoms.

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