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Office Consultations

We offer consultations to patients to discuss their gastrointestinal symptoms and disorders.

We offer a wide variety of appointment dates and times to ensure our patients will find an appointment time that is compatible with their schedule. We maintain all of our patient medical records electronically and strive to create an efficient and responsive consultation for every patient that visits our office.

When you schedule your consultation, you will be asked to fill out a patient questionnaire. The physician will review this questionnaire as well as any laboratory and imaging tests that are relevant to your visit. During the consultation, your physician will ask you about your symptoms and clarify any questions that might arise about your medical history or other information on the questionnaire. Your physician will then perform a physical examination if appropriate and will then conclude by discussing with you his or her thoughts, impressions, and recommendations. A consultation letter will be sent to your primary care provider if applicable.

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Comprehensive Gastroenterology Services & Care

Visit San Francisco Gastroenterology and experience our uniquely personal approach to patient care. We provide comprehensive testing and treatment options for gastrointestinal disorders and concerns, as well as preventative care. Our services include: