What is H. Pylori?

H. pylori infection occurs when a type of bacteria called, known formally as Helicobacter pylori, infects your stomach. Typically, the infection occurs during childhood and becomes chronic. H. pylori infection is present in about half the people in the world; it is most common amongst people from the developing world.

H. Pylori Symptoms & Complications

H. pylori commonly causes inflammation of the stomach known as chronic gastritis. H. pylori infection is also a major cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers. H. pylori infection is also considered a risk factor for stomach cancer.  The vast majority of people with H. pylori infection have no symptoms. When H. pylori causes symptoms, they may may include nausea, abdominal pain, or GI bleeding.

H. Pylori Diagnosis & Treatment

H. pylori can be detected by several different methods including a blood test, breath test, stool test, or from stomach biopsies obtained at upper endoscopy. H. pylori can be treated with antibiotics.

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