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I experienced speedy service and didn’t have to wait for a call back or test results longer than any other doctors office–I got a response even quicker actually!! Dr. Farrell is great and so is his staff! – C.F.

Dr Cabansag helped to make my experience relaxed and comfortable….The office staff, so pleasant and caring. I am so glad I found this place. Thank you SF Gastroenterology. – P.M.

Ernie was a dream to deal with after having to deal with other doctors’ staff who can be quite impersonal and unhelpful. As for the consultation with Dr. Farrell it also was excellent. He understood what my son’s issues were but definitely needed to confirm by performing an upper GI endoscopy. – C.L.

The staff, especially Ernie, Michelle and Erica, have been amazing in making sure I get lab results asap and making appointments for me with Dr. Farrell. All of them, including Dr. Farrell, have been wonderful in providing information to me as quickly as possible… – L.E.

Thank you so much for your gentle, witty, and thorough explanation to me about the colonoscopy procedure. You did much to reassure and support this very reluctant septuagenarian!… Thanks again for your kindness to me during the consultation session. – J.W.

Many thanks for the great work with my endoscopy yesterday.  It was actually a pleasant experience.  I felt nothing and had no after-effects whatsoever.  You are terrific and I appreciate your follow-up phone call greatly.  All good wishes to you. -M.R.

Thank you for helping me feel better.  Youre a great guy! – R.H.

Thanks so much for helping me out.  Its great to finally know whats going on—and I appreciate your fitting me in quickly and spending so much time with me during my visit.  Its been a long time since Ive seen a provider who was so thoughtful and helpful. – K.O.

Thanks for helping save my life.  I will never forget what you have done for me.  May your life be filled with nothing but good. – J.W.

My father has been eating and enjoying better days and nights—my thanks to you!  Your personal concern, care and medical expertise ave given him a ‘new outlook and better disposition. – H.D.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time, compassion, and genuine interest in my care.  You and your office staff have made me feel comfortable from the beginning. – M.K.

Thank you so much for being my doctor!  Your advice and efforts toward arranging the ultrasound helped to restore y peace of mind and now I can eat without worrying.  Thank goodness.  I am back to eating with gusto and Im enjoying every minute! – H.S.

I would want to express my deep gratitude to you for your diagnostic skill and clear guidance that has resulted in prolonging my wifes life…She is making steady progress.  In alerting us to he condition it was possible to seek surgical treatment at a relatively early stage.  Thank you for your role in my wifes successful treatment and potential for her restoration of health. – J.R.

My mother and I would like to thank you for the care you showed my father while he was at the hospital.  Your caring and warmth were welcome.  We appreciate the time you took to speak with each of us.  We brought Daddy home the day before Thanksgiving and he passed away the following Monday.  When we think back to the time in the hospital we think and you and the care you showed him. – C.R. & M.G.

The words ‘thank you’ may seem simple but my gratitude to you is in great abundance.  You really and truly gave me hope and life again.  Not just me but all my family. – N.M.

I wish to thank you for the wonderful and outstanding care and service I received on both my visits.  My primary doctor was right as always, youre a great physician. – M.S.

Thank you so much for all the caring and concern you have shown to me in the past year.  I appreciate it!  Im very happy to have you as my ‘specialist. – H.L.

My husband and I were talking after the procedure about how fortunate we are to have you as our doctor.  Too many doctors dont take time to talk with patients, answer questions, or reassure them about various procedures.  But you do all of the above, and have a genuine and warm concern for each individual. – M.S.

We would like to let you know how fortunate and appreciative we are to have you taking care of us.  Your kindness, sincerity, and caring is unmeasurable.  Thus, we would like to use this opportunity to wish you good health and happiness. – K & K

I wanted to thank you for your excellent care you gave Michael this past year-and-a-half.  You were sensitive and caring and very comforting when we needed it most.  You did you very best, and for that we shall always be grateful. – L.M.

Thank you for taking such good care of my mother.  She passed away in her sleep.  Thank you for answering my many questions, for explaining the procedure and adjusting her medications.  Thank you for making her life better and longer. – Y.S.

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for having the patience, care and compassion that you showed in your treatment of me…You were very determined to find out what my problem was.  You listened to me and allowed me to take my time in explaining my symptoms to you.  I really appreciate what all you did for me to try to help find out what was wrong with me. – P.W.

I’ve seen Dr. Farrell for over 10 years. He is a smart and caring doctor. And have had a number of colonoscopy’s…..the procedures were professional and I received my results in a timely manner.

Dr. Farrell and his staff were a godsend in correctly diagnosing and treating my ulcerative colitis. I had a botched colonoscopy from another less experienced, more expensive doctor with unresponsive staff and suffered for six months. Tried to treat it holistically and finally searched for a new GI doc. Dr. Farrell had good reviews with my insurance (Cigna) and I followed my gut (literally!) on Yelp, so I felt it important to post a current review.

Why aren’t there any reviews for Dr. Farrell, he is awesome! He performed my obligatory 50 year old colonoscopy and was great. Very knowledgeable, professional, and nice. His office assistant, Roxanne, is totally together and professional. The whole experience was as good as it could be considering it was a pain in the *#*!

Had a great experience for my 50-year first colonoscopy. I disliked the obligatory prep, but the second half on the morning of the colonscopy seemed to be better than the first. Dr. Farrell and staff are very professional… Dr. Farrell has a great bedside manner and I have recommended other friends who are turning 50 go to Dr. Farrell. A friend’s mother, who just had her 80 year colonoscopy, likes Dr. Farrell and staff too.

I have been going to Dr Farrell for the last 11 years as I suffer from ulcerative colitis and I do not think I have every found a doctor who is so professional, competent, has a calming effect on me and who has followed up on every single inquiry I have ever made even when I found myself abroad and in need of urgent help.

My doctor recommended Dr. Farrell for an endoscopic procedure as a 10 year review of a previous esophageal procedure. I found his staff to be very friendly and professional. Dr Farrell was very personal, took plenty of time to review the process prior to sedation and followed up within a few days to explain in detail the results.

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