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Even if you’ve only experienced hemorrhoids once, you are completely aware of how unpleasant and painful the ordeal can be. Chances are, you’ve looked up some natural at-home remedies or tried an over-the-counter cream to get rid of your hemorrhoids. For some, this may provide mild, temporary relief, but for others, especially those who experience [...]
Hemorrhoids occur when a person’s hemorrhoidal veins, which are located in the anorectal area, become enlarged or swollen. They are caused when the pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins becomes too much for the veins to bear. This enlargement/swelling can be external or internal. External hemorrhoids can be seen and/or felt outside of the anus, whereas [...]
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Hemorrhoids are very common.  Reports suggest that up to 50 percent of the U.S. population have hemorrhoids by the age of 50.  Hemorrhoids refer to enlarged or inflamed veins located at the anal opening.  These veins can become irritated and bleed.  The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include rectal bleeding, anal itchiness and pain particularly [...]